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In the process of opening The Funky Lamp shop, I have realized that opening a small business is a SLOW process.  I’ve been open for about a month and only have 13 items listed.  There are a few factors that I can pinpoint that are contributing to this.  The main one is the fact that I am a stay-at-home mom…or maybe I should correct myself…a work-at-home mom.  The “mom” part is my top priority, so I’m ok with that slowing my business progress.  Another factor I have discovered is photography.  I can have new products all day long but if I can’t find the time to dress up while the sun is still out and my husband is home, find a good place to snap the shots, and find time to edit them, then I can’t sell them.

While I think taking photos on a real person with a full outfit is preferable, I decided that it is not always possible, and therefore, not profitable.  Furthermore, since I am trying to get this business off the ground with as little start-up cost as possible, I decided to make a mannequin on which to display clothing.  Besides the fact that making one is more cost effective, it also gives me the opportunity to creatively style my mannequin to match the unique look of The Funky Lamp.

So, what do you do when you want to do something that you don’t know how to do?  Google it, of course.  After thorough googling, I decided that a duct-tape dummy was the way to go.  There are literally hundreds of sites with instructions on how to do this.  However, my duct-tape dummy ended up resembling Quasimodo with lumpy breasts.

Yeah…not pretty.

Not sure what happened.  I guess my husband and I just don’t have the duct tape gift.

So…back to the drawing board.

I had a vague memory of reading a blog where someone made a dummy for her daughter out of batting and a blanket.  After more googling, I located this lovely blog: Tea Rose Home.

Taking my own spin on her directions, I began my work.  I took a piece of wood we had laying around and I duct-taped an apple juice carton to the top.  On top of that, I duct-taped an empty water bottle lying sideways.  Then, I duct-taped a wire hanger to the water bottle.  Really scientific, huh?  Next, I wrapped some fluffy fabric that I had gotten in a lot and had no plans to ever use around it.  Then, I put a put a bra on it and stuffed it.  After that, I wrapped an old hoodie around the waist to give her hips.  Here’s what she looked like at that point:

Next, I glued a light socket with a light bulb screwed in  to the top, to give her some Funky Lamp charm.  Then I covered her in fleece to make everything smooth:

That’s an old washcloth sticking out at the top.  I used it to construct the neck.

All that was left was to cover her in fabric.  I know you’re supposed to use a plain, neutral color for these things, but that wouldn’t we very Funky Lamp-ish, would it?

I introduce to you…Stella.  Why Stella?  Not sure.  I just like it and that’s reason enough for me.

I really like the light bulb head.

There she is folks.  She’s not technically perfect, but she’s perfect to me. 🙂

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