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I realize that vintage clothing is not for everyone, but I really do think there are many people out there who can and should wear vintage that don’t simply because they are not sure how and they’re intimidated.  Let’s face it, few, if any of us, want to wear all vintage all the time.  That is a quick way to look pretty silly, though I have seen it work on some people.  However, for most of us, the trick is to find just the right touch of vintage.  Maybe it’s a vintage blouse with jeans and modern accessories.  Perhaps it’s a vintage dress with new shoes and jewelry. Those are fine options and I do them both regularly.  However, I would like to let you in on a style secret that will keep you looking great and keep money in your wallet:

Buy neutral clothing and stock up on accessories…in this case, vintage accessories.

Take my outfit today for example:

You’ll have to excuse my robotic face.  That’s what I get for using the 10 second timer…

Anyway, I’m wearing a plain white tee that I bought in a pack of 5 for about 10 bucks.  They are men’s undershirts…I just sew up the sides and…voila…cut little tee for me.  I have accessorized with a cute beaded necklace from the 50’s and a pretty little cameo brooch (I l-o-v-e cameos!).  Now I have a nice little touch of the 50’s that is by no means over the top.  Had I paired these accessories with a 50’s dress and pumps?  I’d look like I had just walked out of an episode of I Love Lucy…not cool.

Now this can be done in literally hundreds of different ways using the same white t-shirt.

I could have done it with this pin: And these earrings:

Or I could have tied this around my neck:

The possibilities are endless.  Go ahead, give it a shot.  You’ll look great.

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